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by Dead Star Renegade

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David Cross
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David Cross Another brilliant Australian Rock album. Favorite track: Born To Lose.
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released March 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Dead Star Renegade Melbourne, Australia

Dead Star Renegade was born in The Basement of Melbourne’s iconic Esplanade Hotel in August 2009. With a steadily growing base of loyal supporters we are planning tours of both India and Europe as well as a host of Local, Interstate and Regional shows. In a sea of tired classic rock clones Dead Star Renegade is taking Rock and Roll by the throat and smacking it right into the here and now. ... more

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Track Name: The Serpent
What do you care if I get busted
Whatever we’ve had is done and dusted
Beatin’ myself all black and blue
Watchin’ me drown in the
Fountain of youth

Something’s gotta give
And it won’t be me
Learning how to live
In a raging sea
I don’t need to talk
To a burning bush
To see the goddamn light

Stop telling me
What it is I need to be
I’ll burn my bridges
And create my own hypocrisy
Stop drilling me
Your lies are killing me
I’ve seen the serpent
And I like what I see

Pushing myself
Cause I love the pace
It’s not about the thrill
It’s about the chase
If I ever listen to a word you say
I’d be in the real world
And I’m wastin’ away

(Pre Chorus)



Track Name: Born To Lose
How’d you get so fake
Living a life that
You can’t break
Drowning your sadness
With those happy pills
Crushing your heart
Beneath that grinding wheel

I’m feeling sick
You spin your head
And keep turning tricks
It’s time to leave
It’s time to walk away
You losing me
Well that’s the price you pay

So how can I
Get through to you
When all you do
Is turn in the screws

Hey, you had all the chances to shine
But you’re so strung out on the line
You had all the chances to choose
It’s always the same
When you’re Born To Lose

I don’t even try
When you walk away
I don’t even cry
When I hear them say

(pre chorus)


(pre chorus)

You’re Born To Lose (x3)
You’re born

Track Name: Supersonic
Supersonic, Catatonic
Remember me, I’ll never say you name
The lights are on it
I wanna hold it
Is it something real
Or just a game
A knock at your door
And all I wanna do is hide

Supersonic, Supersonic
I can’t feel a thing tonight
I can’t say if I’m alright
I can’t feel a thing tonight

Supersonic, ya never know it
I stare at you
And all I feel is shame
It’s problematic, it’s systematic
It’s alcoholic
Buried in my brain or
Comin’ from my pores
And all I wanna do is fly

Track Name: Tommy Gun
I remember the time
You tried to bury me
Never had a chance
Took it away from me
You held my hand
Just like you did today
All the things you did
Taken it all away

If I had my time again
It would be a bitter end
Would have grabbed my
Tommy Gun
When you held me on the floor
And I screamed I wanted more
Should’ve grabbed my
Tommy Gun

All the friends I had
They never trusted me
And the words you said
Tainted their view of me
Shattered souls caressed
Blood on their fingertips
All the things I missed
I’m making up for this


Just like the first time
You never forget that first time

No you’ll never forget (x3)


It’s just like the first time
You never forget that first time

Track Name: Time Standing
He takes the time
The whole world knows
But I don’t think you do
He pulls the strings
To get your through

When did you think
You would find out
‘Cause everybody else knew

And now I’m right here waiting
And the time I’ve spent’s
Been blinding but now

Time’s standing
I never let it
Oh I never let you go
I’m right here
So don’t you worry ‘bout me
Tonight I know
Time’s standing
I never let it
Oh I never let you go
I’m right here
So don’t you worry ‘bout me

When you opened the door
You heart fell in two
I heard it hit the floor
Why’d you run right back to him
I was here standing
With my arms outstretched
Am I fading from view?

‘Cause the time I’ve spent’s
been blinding
And I’m still right here
Waiting but now


‘Cause I’m fine

Track Name: Blackwing
Hiding away
In a little corner of my mind
Counting the days
‘til you spread your dirty wings
and fly

It’s not your time anymore
You had your chance
And it bled out on the floor

Blackwing, ohh blackwing
Everyday I ask myself

Why am I killing myself for you?
Why can’t I live with myself?
Lie here and pity myself
Blackwing fly

Trying again
To pull a magic moment
From my life
Drowned in your haze
Why can’t you just take your aim
And fire?

(Pre chorus 1)

(Pre chorus 2)


Spread your dirty wings and fly


Track Name: 20 To Life
Drug money, girls and cars
Oh hey what a wonderful time
Father always said you to you
You got talent to burn
So use it wise

You were looking at 20 to life
Now your dancin’ on the outside
Don’t know what’s comin’ for you
Got your hands on the bottle
Spend your time getting high

And you can’t find peace
When you’re looking
Down the barrel
And the smile on your face
Hides the fear in your soul

The hard man smile is
Going down
You run and hide but you’re
Always found
Everybody changed you
Now they’re gonna rearrange you
You climbed so high
It’s all gonna come back down

You hold your head up high
Oh hey you’re a lucky man
Got away with everything
Except the concrete boots
At the bottom of the dam

They’re waiting for you maybe
Not now, maybe not tomorrow
But that clock is ticking down
And it ain’t gonna matter
If you beg, steal or borrow

(Pre chorus 1)


Can’t find peace
When you lookin’
Down a barrel

Track Name: One More Time
Everything that I want
Has fallen out of my hands
Everything that I need
Making too many demands
All the chips that I hold
Stole from a gambling man
Flip a 2-headed coin
And yeah I lost out again

Yeah I’m feeling down
Life is spinning around
Do it
One More Time (x2)
One More Time

All the money I make
Goes in the slot machine
And the life that I had
Falling down around me
Got a two dollar coin
Think I can make it a ten
Spin another roulette
Fuck it I’ll go round again



Track Name: Outta My Head
Waking up with a dead dry mouth
And an aching head oh yeah
Can’t believe what I did last night
I went and did it again
Red Devil sittin’ over my shoulder
Wanted me in the clink
12 beers and a bottle of rum
I’m sick of this
I’m sick of getting sick
Get another drink
And make it quick

Oh yeah
Getting out of my head tonight
I don’t really care if I get in a fight
The week that I’ve had
Well it makes it alright
You don’t even know
What’s happened to me
Get me a drink and set me free

Rollin’ out of a roughed up bar
And I’m walking the streets again
This is a hell of a boring town
Hey where are all my friends?
I got the money
To make it a big one
Let’s go all night from this
Don’t you walk away from me
Just stand right there
Don’t fucking walk away
Get another drink
And make it quick

Track Name: Tidal
Water lappin’ at the shore
Ripples on the surface
As she wades on through
This place is where
She silences the war
Stillness is restored

Someday’s she will emerge
Someday’s the water is too deep
The water is too deep

It’s Tidal (x4)

Fire burnin’ in my soul
Crystal surface broken
As he wades on through
This place carries images of you
Deep within the blue

Someday’s he will emerge
Someday’s the water is too deep
The water is too deep

It’s Tidal (x4)


You tell yourself it’s life or death
But it’s too late
You feel yourself corroding
Away in the spotlight

How beautiful the blue (x2)
It’s Tidal (x2)
How beautiful the blue (x2)
It’s Tidal (x2)
Tidal, Tidal